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Do I need a new inventory at the start of each tenancy?

We recommend that an up-to-date inventory is compiled at the start of each and every new tenancy. This will enable you to prove the condition of the property and its contents when handed over to the tenants minimising the chance of any dispute. It is essential however that at the start of the tenancy the report is signed by both tenant and landlord and a copy kept safe for the check-out.

Can I compile my own inventory or check-out?

Unfortunately should you risk to compile your own inventory it can be considered as bias and as a result be thrown out of court. This is why it is crucial to instruct a qualified third party such as Pro-Invent to compile an accurate and detailed report. Our professional clerks are experts in identifying damage and signs of excessive wear which is important when reports are relied upon.

Is a check-in necessary?

Pro-Invent highly recommends that a check-in is conducted on the first day of the tenancy and prior to the tenant moving in any of their personal belongings into the property. As often there are disputes about i.e property damage due to furniture being moved in or cleanliness, a signed document on the day can promptly put to bed any arising dispute. The signed document is a general outline of the property condition which includes the listing of keys handed over and accurate utility meter readings.

I have an item of furniture being delivered mid-week. Can Pro-Invent add this to the report?

Pro-Invent will record the property ‘as is’ on the day of the visit. We cannot include any items that have not been witnessed at the property or inspected. Any changes or additions made to the property should be documented in writing and agreed to by the tenant separately.

Is it worth carrying out an interim inspection?

Periodic inspections a great idea to provide peace of mind that the tenant is looking after your property and not in breach of any terms set out in the tenancy agreement i.e. keeping pets, sub-letting, smoking, including any special clauses i.e wearing of heels on wooden floors.

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